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Fellesskapet Elvaneset
Fellesskapet Elvaneset
Visualization: MirrorR Studio
Location: Sandane, Norway
Soft: 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, Photoshop
Sandane is an idyllic urban center at the heart of Gloppefjord, which is a sea-going fjord arm of the Nordfjord. Sandane is the municipal center in Gloppen municipality and has about 2000 inhabitants. The Gloppen municipality has very varied nature, from the glaciers such as Ålfotbreen and Jostedalsbreen to beautiful cultural landscapes along both water and fjords.

In walking distance from Sandane town center is Elvaneset, which is a long distance between the salmon river Gloppenelva and the bathing place Selvågane. Neset lies like an extension of a fairly large ridge. Here is a slightly hilly terrain that slopes down towards the rocky shore by the sea. The area that is to be built out, lies idyllic to the whole of the fjord.

Here, Kristian Aamand Petersen will be creating a unique community - the Elvaneset community - inspired by traditional western clustering.
Fellesskapet Elvaneset