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Leman Jewelry Rebranding

When it comes to jewelry industry, Vietnam has been known for a reputation of gold craftsmanship, trading and ignoring retail experience. However, Leman Jewelry stands out as an independent haute couture design brand, which specializes in diamonds. For many years, they have been not just shaping up diamond the trading market in Vietnam, but also unlocking a completely new behavior to high-class society by their unique diamond jewelry designs. In spite of various types of orders and requirements, whether they are designs created to suits owned diamonds or new exclusive designs to comprehend rare diamonds, Leman’s creation is always sophisticated, diversified and exquisite.


Leman first came to us with a requirement of packaging system developing and outstretching a better luxurious, unique & personal system. However, seeing the potential that Leman may have, we clarified that what the brand needs is a total refreshment, in order to meet up its high-standard brand spirit, including reconstructing branding system and solving packaging issue also.


Our way to approach the concept was a completely new visual system that can expose the luxurious, exquisite yet sophisticated and minimal feeling for the brand. Adapting that core values, the logo mark design was made from the center outwards. Starting with the most basic ring setting shape, the shape which holds the diamonds and glorifies its beauty: the cross setting. We called it the Leman Star, as the sparkle indicates that ‘jewelry brand’ feeling, Leman star is also seen in the center of the letter E in the logotype. Around Leman Star are various types of crafted one-by-one asymmetrical diamond shapes - what Leman has been selling and uniquely designing for every customer. The logo’s grid system based on the inner look of a round diamond cut, the most recognizable diamond. The whole system itself is a complete reflection of Leman’s creating process and also their products.

Color Palette

Looking back to the original blue color from previous leather packaging, we saw its potential which can be used to highlight the wide range of colors from diamond jewelry. Therefore, we decided that it can be the new core color. Also, we developed a rich extension of white color elements to support the Leman blue, from metal shiny materials to white texture paper. The color environment represents the universe of Leman, which also is reflected in the packaging system.

Packaging System

To highlight Leman’s spirit of sophistication, we created a set of luxury boutique shopping bags. The shopping bag design, with sculpted embossing on high quality finest texture white paper, aims to strongly echo brand concept. There are embossed metal pins on both sides, used to attach reversed carrier straps. Those sophisticated details bring Leman shopping experience to a different yet subtle level, apart from the ‘high-end’ norm.

Production Features

Block foil sculpted embossing logo on shopping bag, engraved embossing lapel pin attached to reversed carrier straps. 

Box Packaging

To achieve the most comforting feeling to customer’s first hands-on experience, the jewelry box system was produced by a boutique Italian production specializing for jewelry industry. The unboxing experience was thoughtfully designed: starting from the thick and hard Leman blue paper box outside, which is contrary to the second layer: a soft high-quality velvet jewelry box with shiny nickel tag logo attached on top. Finally, the shiny stunning haute-couture jewelry piece inside.​​​​​​​


Overhauling the complete system with careful consideration, stationery system from office applications to jewelry workshop tools are also designed to express the subtle yet luxurious message of Leman.

Diamond Security Case

One of the first diamond security cases has finally dipped its toe into a new investment market in Vietnam. We proudly introduce the card which is designed and crafted carefully with the quality as high and secured as GIA’s card. The front is covered with a pattern using patterned hand-written font overlaying Leman blue cover. On the back, there is Leman invisible inked pattern, which can only be visible when highlighted under UV light.


Promotional experience was also taken into account carefully, due to maintaining customer relationships in this industry is vital. We have developed a thoughtful environment, from hand-written slogan ribbons for spontaneous gifts, mix & match with a unique shiny metal lock, printed silk scarves inspired from the logo mark, lacquered blue jewelry box to even luxurious umbrella for rainy days.​​​​​​​

Product Photography Monkey Minh
​​​​​​​Producer Quân Nguyễn​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Digital Retoucher An Nguyễn
Video Cinematography Lâm Huỳnh
Concept / Editor Duy — N

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Leman Jewelry Rebranding

Leman Jewelry Rebranding

Among jewelry industry going mass just by selling gold in Vietnam, Leman Jewelry stands out as an independent haute couture design brand speciali Read More