Design and Factory Heroes

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Design Heroes & Factory Heroes

Memorable identity for companies that are engaged in industrial design


Our client are two cool projects at a time. Design Heroes develops design of hardware devices and working documentation for further production. Factory Heroes manages the production of hardware products, makes the process easy and permanent for the client. 

The founders want to clean their corporate identity: to improve and combine the two brands with single elements. This will help not to return to design issues for a long time and not to spend extra money.


Our task was to develop an identity for two projects. It must explain the affiliation of one brand to another, and at the same time let to distinguish them. 
The whole design should evoke a sense of professionalism and be dynamic.

Similar in style, but different in shape logos. Purity, conciseness and adaptability in design.


We have developed an abstract logo. The sign is dynamic due to the strokes, and the internal structure makes its shape perfect. A closed geometry gives a sense of completeness.

A memorable element of identity is a facet. It helps the abstract to get boundaries. In addition, designers often "play" with it during development. This detail is always easy to recognize and reproduce.

Corporate identity

Design Heroes​​​​​​​
For a company that works with clients, we have developed a logo in the form of a soft diamond. This shows that Design Heroes are always set up for dialogue and their interaction with the business is multifaceted.

Factory Heroes
The shape of the circle for the manufacturer. A circle is a cycle, a workflow. The circle has a perfect silhouette. This suggests that the Factory of Heroes works like a charm. 

Another interesting point: the logos resemble a button. This gives an even greater sense of technology from the brand.

Colors and  typography:​​​​​​​

And a little bit about the process:

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Design and Factory Heroes

Design and Factory Heroes

Our client are two cool projects at a time. Design Heroes develops the design of hardware devices and working documentation for further productio Read More