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EMPIRE Magazine-Spider-man Far from Home- Vector
What do a web slinging super hero and the super zbyhp laptop have in common? Strength, swiftness, mobility, dependability, and a few concealed tricks up their sleeves!

But honestly, so very proud (and thankful) to be invited to create the subscriber's cover for Empire Magazine- focusing on such an iconic comic book character as Spider-Man.
And yes, it’s all vector...Created 100% in adobe illustrator!

My secret weapon on this project was the super-powered Zbookx2!
Whether planted firmly and hooked up to my DreamColorDisplay or moving swiftly to get a better vibe throughout my artist studio, this pint-sized power house delivers a dual function punch that rivals over the competition!

YUP! The ZBookx2 delivers the best of both worlds:
the benefits of going from laptop to drawing tablet with ease, WITHOUT SACRIFICING FULL CREATIVE SUITES for mid-range apps!

Not to mention the on-panel quick keys, which add speed and function, allowing me to quickly increase brush sizes, engage the gestural touch screen feature, virtual keyboard or rotate to work vertically!
Most super heroes actually masquerade their identity and super capabilities.
The ZBookx2 has no reason to masquerade, but only to out-perform and over deliver. And when I’m up against the clock, it's easy to say it’s my preferred "go to” out of everything within my creative arsenal!
Here's a compilation of the evolution of this commissioned vector art.... #thisISvector
Below: Vector Sketch 1
Below: Vector Sketch 2
Below: Vector sketch 3....This is where I was given approval on the Mysterio pose, the background but the magazine requested revisiting the Iconic Spidey pose from Sketch 2- inspired by The Amazing Spider-MAn Comic book ( TASM) and the PS4 pose.
Above: the actual wire frame and vector preview of the final cover art!
Below: the final Vector art and published Scriber's cover of EMPIRE magazine for May 2019.
If you care to see more, click below to follow my vector adventures.
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EMPIRE Magazine-Spider-man Far from Home- Vector

EMPIRE Magazine-Spider-man Far from Home- Vector

Spider-Man: Far From Home- Empire Magazine- May 2019 cover- created 100% adobe illustrator + Zbookx2 - #thisisvector


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