Feasy // A Creative Project Sharing Platform
Feasy is a project sharing application that helps artists, designers, filmmakers and all creators find other creatives to help make their ideas come to life.

Created for sharing personal projects with a community of other creatives in search of collaborators.

The idea behind Feasy is this: there aren't enough opportunities or resources available to help make creator's ideas come to life. Money, contacts, and exposure all are vital in determining who gets to fulfill their creative dreams and desires. Not everyone can afford to hire a production team and designers if they have an idea for a movie. Not everyone has contacts with creatives from different fields to help larger scope projects come to life.
Feasy addresses these issues by offering all creatives of all backgrounds and statuses a platform to post their ideas for projects in search of collaborators, and vice-versa; search for inspiring projects they want to collaborate on.

The process:
1. People create a profile - which is easily customizable, to showcase their skills and niches, and host their portfolio.
2. Craft and post a project proposal - If people have an idea for a project they want to actualize - they craft and post a project proposal where details like pictures, values, types of creatives they're looking for, and location are included.
3. Users explore and search for projects that they're willing to collaborate on based on their skillsets, and values.

I wanted to break apart from traditional competitive "creative hiring" sites where users compete with others with their scores and lower wages for one-off jobs, and instead use a system based off of value and creating meaningful connections.

Rather than the vague anonymous job & gig postings on the internet, there is clarity with the project proposals - you can view details about the poster of the project, and the applicants can determine whether or not the project would be something they're interested in.

From concept to (hopefully in the near future) execution - I designed every aspect of Feasy.
I'm thrilled with the outcome of the concept and happy to share my process and outcome.

Brand Development
Brand Identity System
Art Direction
Brand Guidelines
Web Design
App Design
Exhibition Design
Motion Graphics
Video Production


I wanted the visual identity of Feasy to reflect the creative nature of the application itself. The following guidelines reflect Feasy's ever-changing & fluid creative spirit.

Application Design

Over the duration of a year, I designed, re-designed, and re-iterated wireframes and prototypes of the application. I chose to make the application as user-friendly and simplified as possible to be inclusive of creative types from all skill-sets and skill-levels.

Feasy is not based off of points, likes, or ratings - projects and postings are chronologically posted & organized by filters & relevance. There is intentionally no rating or ranking system - instead, the user's profile features their portfolio - so your work speaks for you.

The following are images of screens, and a motion graphics video I created & edited showcasing the features of the application.

Motion Graphics Walkthrough - Application Screens, Feasy Manifesto & Features

Customizable User Profiles, Projects & Project Proposal Upload - Screens

Website/ Landing Page Design

A simple landing page highlighting the main features of Feasy & providing a point of contact.

Promotional Materials

Simple, playful advertisements & other promotional materials meant to prompt viewer's curiosity.

Exhibition Materials

ECUAD offers its fourth year students the opportunity to exhibit their work their yearly graduate art show. I created a variety of interactive & collaborative materials for attendees of the show to engage with.

I wanted to create a space that encouraged people to play, and get in touch with their creative side.

Business Cards
Table-top Colouring Page

For my exhibition, I wanted to create a space that gave people the freedom and space to explore their creativity. Rather than a traditional tabletop for my space, I created and illustrated a colouring-page tabletop cover and provided pencils and pens for people to collaboratively colour.

Feasy // A Creative Project Sharing Platform

Feasy // A Creative Project Sharing Platform

In my final year at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, we worked on thesis projects for the duration of the year. I came up with the concept Read More


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