art direction + branding:  emails for GAP OUTLET and BANANA REPUBLIC FACTORY STORE


As Senior Design Manager over Gap Inc.'s Outlet division, I was challenged with the task of elevating two distinct brands, Gap Outlet and Banana Republic Factory Store. With minimal resources my team and I leveraged assets from parent brands Gap and BR when appropriate. 
Top email below I created for Gap Outlet as part of a seasonal, integrated marketing campaign. See here. Inspired by Gap's Andy Warhol store marketing campaign, an exhaustive exploration of graphics and images took place before finally landing on the contrasty Warholesque portaits.

Not part of a seasonal campaign, middle and bottom emails were designed around an iconic product concept (denim= Gap Outlet, trench coat= BR Factory Store). Keeping creatively aiigned with Banana Republic's fashion and city series, we sought the best in aspirational stock photography for BR Factory Store. Bottom email is a result of that search.