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SriSahasra Floral & Event Decors - Logo Design
Visual Identity design for SriSahasra
SriSahasra is a Chicago-based Indian flower provider. SriSahasra provides flowers for holy Festivals, Weddings, Pooja, and Religion India occasions. Fresh flowers directly imported from India. Sri Sahasra provides fresh Indian flowers floral garlands from India.

Our Role:
Brand Identity System
Brand Development
Art Direction
Brand Guidelines
Stationary Design

Research & Moodboard
After having conversation with Madhav. he told us to make logo that is expandable in future simple yet powerful to make using remind SriSahasra. 
He strict from using any god icon or symbol for SriSahasra because of religious reasons. 
& told to add lotus if possible in logo design symbol.

Below you can find the moodboard for SriSahasra. 
we explored every possible image on the web for inspiration related to indian pooja.
From pooja festival to 
Flowers that are widely used in pooja and that are widly recognizable by anyone in india
eg: Lotus, Rose, Marigold

Concept for mark construction 
We decided to stay away from god icons or images & moved forward with Flower because that is the end product that is SriSahsara  going to provide to that end users.

So we extracted the flower petals and combined that with grid and we got our mark for SriSahasra.
Below you can find the constriction and concept of logo mark.

Color Selection
As we already mentioned in the above description we used flower for the mark & selected colors from the flower too. below presented colors are widely used in pooja smagri(elements). 
Like in Chandan wood, Sindur, Klawa, Saint Dresses & many other things.
We decided to stick with basics for the color selection.
Choosing the Font
Choosing the right typography face important to make SriSahasra look modern yet elegant. 
So we choose to go with ASUL a semi-serif typeface because of its modern yet classic elegant look.

Tagline Font Selection
We chooses Raleway SemiBold for tagline because of its good readability.
Raleway is an elegant sans-serif typeface.

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SriSahasra Floral & Event Decors - Logo Design
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Multiple Owners
Kanhaiya Sharma

SriSahasra Floral & Event Decors - Logo Design

SriSahasra is a Chicago based Indian flower providers. SriSahasra provide flowers for holy Festivals, Wedding, Pooja and Religion India occasions Read More