Turkish Graphic Designers
TGT6 Nedir? | What is TGT6?
Turkish Graphic Designers guide to TGT6 the output Alternatif Publishing, also called in Turkey one of the leading advertising agencies or designers, includes biographies and designs. Society of Graphic Designers (GMK) with the team selected by a jury of international TGT6 worldwide advertising agencies, designers and used by companies as a source book. Contains selected professional designs and designers, the areas with the success of this book are once again in the international arena. The book content; Corporate Identity, Flyer / Poster, Brochure / Catalog, Illustration and Packaging are classified according to disciplines, such as planned. Content you and all of the leading companies in the country selected TGT6 designs, in other words, your company designs and new trends in the international arena also agreed to give direction and will contribute to your name announcement.
Ali Fatih Yüce, görsel iletişim tasarımcısı.text>
Ali Fatih Yüce is a Visual Communication Designer.
He was born in 1986 at Istanbul. Ali has Kadir Has University Faculty of Fine Arts (licence) and the Halic University Faculty of Fine Arts (master) portions of 1rd. He was signed of succesfully corporate identity and concept designs. He attended National and International competitions. At the same time their firms GrafiKral Design Studio Senior Art Director and Nefaset Printing Publishing continues to work as General Coordinator.