Dimension Data is a global leader in technology solutions that enable clients to leverage data in the digital age. For the inauguration of their European Innovation Center, that will showcase their latest breakthrough products, they asked us to create a series of videos that would set the appropriate high-end, cutting-edge tech vibe.

To intrigue without distracting
Because the screens will also be used individually to make presentations to the visitors, we were requested to make the videos very beautiful and intriguing, but not so much as to distract people from an ongoing talk should the animations keep playing on nearby displays. It made it clear for us that the project had to take an abstract turn.

Free-flowing neon lights
We had this idea that we wanted to create some sort of smooth, soothing movement. Something like liquids blending into each other. We went through an extensive research phase before coming to and falling in love with the final concept: floating organic shapes generating natural flows of particles, and tracing warm, neon-like trails of light. 

Procedural Awesomeness
We had to find a technical approach that would allow us to produce all the necessary material while meeting the very, very (very) challenging deadline. We decided to create and generate everything procedurally. We built the assets along with the scripts to generate an infinite range of organic patterns, which we then framed with lots of DOF, and animated with subtle camera movements.

Give Me the Chills​​​​​​​
In addition to the intriguing-but-not-distracting videos (that ended up being called the “screensaver” animations), we were asked to create a boosting, pumping, something-big-is-happening short intro movie. A-là THX. This intro (called the “boot-up video”) is played whenever the Innovation Center is “switched on”. Enhanced by a strong audio mix, the sequence aims at grabbing the visitor’s attention from the very start of the tour and to put him in the right high-expectations mood.

What Do YOU See in There?
Dimension Data also asked us to create visual content for two giant vertical displays placed really close to each other in the Center. From the start, we thought it would be quite cool if the two screens could somehow form a visual whole, interacting with each other in a single concept. We ended up with a kaleidoscope effect of sorts: with the vertical symmetry between the two displays, we created a sort of hypnotic, sucking-you-in Rorschach experience. What do YOU see in there? :)


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