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    It all started as a 2012 new year resolution challenge: 12 logos in 12 months. Above all, a one year branding exercise. Enjoy it!
Gesttown, condominium management, Porto
Fundación Docomo Ibérico, modernist building sign contest, Barcelona
Prohs, Industrial air cleaning machines and sterilizers, Maia
Douro Nostrum, portuguese Douro wine (naming + logo), Douro
Torre do Corvo, portuguese wine (naming + logo) Douro
D5ive, official gaming team, Web
Outro algarve (another algarve) eco-tourism rebranding contest 
Romance Photo, wedding photography, Paris
Fondazione Achile Castiglioni- Brand contest to the one of the best italian designers (foundation), Milano
Young Lawyers Association, Porto
Fastories, writer's network (work on progress), Web
Docomo, Algarve, and Achile Castiglioni proposals was proudly born in a creative duo with Joel Novais, Ricardo Almeida and Daniele Guilizia respectively. The Prohs logo was made in collaboration with Carneiro Design Studio. Also, the fastories logo didn't exist without the creative direction of Paulo Stenzel. 
Kudos for all the clients who believe in the power of their brands.
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