FINISHED -FUND RAISING- Two projects for a degree

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  • Dear followers, I need your help !
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  • In order to conclude my studies and obtain my bachelor of photography from the Ecole de Conde, I have to work on two different projects. The first one is the realization of an exhibition and a written essay (based on the last project I published here called Visages du 21ème siècle).
  • The second one is the creation of a portfolio representing my work as a photographer (including the Human Nature series).
  • To pay those projects, I just set up a fund raising on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and I really need you to share the project to reach the goal !

    I already collect almost 30% of the money I need and it's just the beginning !
    If you want to help me, please go this link and share it again, and again, and again, and again.... !