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    Max Msp standalone real-time granular synthesizer
 are generated on input by the user. The  of this reproduction is real-time controlled and can be continuously varied from .

Apartfrom the audio parameters two separate parameters control in the rhythmicpattern: one is related to of the reproduction andthe other to .Both of them are controlled through stochastic processes similar tothe ones used in defining the synthesizer's parameters and can belinked to each other or to any other parameter. A feature can be used to place the randomly generated grains toquantized time positions in the pattern.
The various parameters and theirdistributions can be real-time controlled through .A variety of controllers and instruments has been used to control thesynthesizer, among them a controllerconnected via bluetooth. Data sent by the Wii-mote is processed inGlovePie and sent to Max/Msp over OSC.
 Asupplementary can control the amplitude, thefrequency or any other parameter and their distributions as well asgrain generation. The step sequencer itself where the triggering of each step is controlledby probabilities entered by the user. T to each other in the form of rules where someone might forexample define that a specific step is triggered only if some otherspecific step is also triggered during the duration of one loop.