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Taipei Metro Branding Film  

Taipei Metro +1, Your Story +1     


Bito partnered with Taipei Metro with a playful cel-animation 
to celebrate its 10 billionth passenger milestone.
The metro is a vessel. It promptly and accurately carries every passenger to the desired destination. This mission is what makes all the +1 beyond 10 billion meaningful.

Five story lines connect five groups of people and themes. The animation captures their emotions and moves viewers’ eyes with their journeys.


Many hidden treasures can be found if you look closely, like the swimming pool MRT car back when 2017 Universiade took place. We hope this animated short revive and resonate what MRT means to every you who ever took a ride.


Because your story is what adds onto Taipei, and Taipei Metro.

Each passenger, each journey, is a story


Directed by Bito 
Client : Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation
Director :  Keng-Ming Liu
Copy Director : Vicki Huang
Associate Art Director :  Hsuan-Nin Wang /  Binbin Lu
Producer : Tammy Liu
Assistant Producer : Anne Chu
Account Manager :  Naiyun Peng /  Tammy Liu
Ideation :  Vicki Huang /  Hsuan-Nin Wang /  Binbin Lu /  Eating Tsai /  Kai Cheng /  Keng-Ming Liu
Lead Designer :  Hsuan-Nin Wang
Concept Artist :  Hsuan-Nin Wang /  Binbin Lu /  Wei-Hao Shao /  Yi-Chen Kuo /  Chya Hsu
Character Design :  Hsuan-Nin Wang /  Binbin Lu
Layout Design: Binbin Lu

Storyboard:Binbin Lu / Wei-Hao Shao
Lead Animator:Binbin Lu
Lead Motion Designer : Wei-Hao Shao 
Cel-Animator:Binbin Lu / Eating Tsai / Eden Chan / Chang-Ching Chen / Hsuan-Nin Wang / Ding-Yi Lu / Yi-Chi Chen 
Painting Artist:Eating Tsai / Hsuan-Nin Wang / Wei-Hao Shao / Chya Hsu / Binbin Lu / Yu-Chi Lai / Chang-Ching Chen / Chia-En Wu / Chia-Hsuan Sung / Tian Lin / Yi-Ting Tang / Chien-Chang Huang / An-Chi Huang / Yu-Nuo Lai / Yun-An Lin / Shu-Yan Wang / Chia-Yin Shen
Compositing / VFX Artist:Wei-Hao Shao / Eating Tsai / Meng-Hsueh Lin
Editor:Wei-Hao Shao / Eating Tsai

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+1 | Taipei Metro Branding Film
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