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Search recruitment campaign

Search Student recruitment campaign
1. More strategically target high school students who may not know of Messiah College
2. Use variable data to make it more personal 
3. Ability to track responses and respond effectively and personally to prospective students.
4. Drive applications via text, digital ads and emails

Prospective high school juniors and seniors who may not have heard of Messiah College. 

This was our first year bringing this project in-house. It was previously done by an outside agency and was minimally connected to our messaging and branding.
Our team looked at how we were telling our story and what the strongest early connection points are. We wanted to connect social media and most popular images of the college since potential students need to see where they will be going and how they will fit in. We used the #WhyMessiah social media campaign as a jumping off point.

This was a multiple-channel campaign with many matching components.
1. Self-mailer sent to high school juniors
2. Over-sized postcard sent to high school seniors
3. Social media posts 
4. Retargeting ads (academic, open house, stats)
5. Email banners
6. Social media posts
7. 4 Emails (in Slate system). Drip campaign based on responses to mailings, digital ads and emails

Successful outcome:
We could more specifically tell our story to prospective students from the beginning of the process, make it personal and drive them to apply or inquire via text or the website. This got them directly into our inquiry pool. We had less names this year but a more strategic target.
As of November 20, 2018, applications were at a 4-year high! 
Front and back of folded junior search piece with personalization through variable data, text to respond and a tear-off response card
Opened junior search piece with personalization through variable data, text to respond and a tear-off response card
Senior search over-sized postcard with personalization and text to respond variable data
Various social media posts that connected to and built this campaign
Search recruitment campaign

Search recruitment campaign