One of the great things about my job is being able to diversify my styles and try my hand at designs that I would not normally engage in. This was one of them. Gonzo Grow is a hydroponic store in Arizona that sells growing equipment for people who want to grow their own tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables organically. Since Gonzo Grow was a new company in Arizona I felt that branding was numero uno on the list of importance. To back that, I came up with this rolling design to really turn heads and get people to wonder "What is Gonzo Grow" leading to increased internet traffic as people search for the term "Gonzo Grow" this helps with SEO and brand recognition for further market saturation.
This is a mockup of the drivers side of a city bus.
The template file with the mockups on top.
Another mockup of the design, this time on the Passenger side of a bus.