Green Leaf is a company that specializes in organic and healthy food products. This corporate identity manual was created to embody the values of Green Leaf - natural and organic. The cover of the book is made of stained wood to add to the natural feel and bound together by green twine. The book provides information on the logo, proper and improper applications, branding as well as their website, app and merchandise.
Green Leaf is a company that is concerned with not only the quality and safety of the food but also the people who are buying it. Green Leaf values the business of their consumers and wants to create the best experience as well as easiest convenience. To do this, Green Leaf has created an app, which can be opened through the easily identifiable Green Leaf app icon, and a user friendly website. These online solutions are a gateway to browsing Green Leaf’s products as well as the prices and information regarding each product. In addition, Green Leaf has made it even easier to buy what the consumers are looking for through their ordering process. Consumers can now purchase their favourite Green Leaf products through just a touch or a click, delivered straight to their door or to their nearest grocer.