Number and people - Student installation for Academy of Design and Art in Bratislava 2019
An interactive exhibition about the communication and social problems .
All our problems come from childhood — this social project-installation precisely about this.

The portraits depict people, each with its history. All of them are united by one — a strong influence in the period of childhood reflected in their future life. 
The person who visited the installation could see by QR-code more information about what exactly happening with them when they were kids. 
The use of paints and children's drawings for portraits reflects the period that played the most critical role in their formation as a person.
Problems in childhood don't have a geography. The map shows that people 
from different parts of the world can feel the same thing.

At final person could hear by an audio accompaniment that the numbers, 
which are depicted next to the portraits are the number of victims by the actions of the person depicted.

Thanks for all the people who participated and helped me in this project.