Back in my hometown -- Leyte (Philippines), the primary handicraft livelihood of the people are weaving banigs or handwoven mats made for sleeping. it's made of buri and pandan leaves. Back in college, my thesis revolved around the folk arts of my province and how the local visual artists implemented the folk arts in their artworks... My interest with the topic surfaced again when i was asked to participate in design task experiment type of thing.  I was asked to make two wallpaper pattern designs.
Recently I've been doing experiments on futurist and lo-fi integration in some of my works so i tried it with this.  I scanned photocopied elements/textures with the grids I printed out, composited them in photoshop and illustrator. I made even the vectors imperfect to capture the beautiful imperfection of the handwoven mat. I was very happy with the result of the experiment in creating the wallpaper pattern and at the same time got to share part of Philippine culture.
I just thought it would be pretty cool to adorn your houses with some local flavored patterns. :D
Avocado Pattern
These colors were usually the ones used by the banig vendors. :D