After continuous year-on-year growth, TEDx are celebrating 10 years in Sydney. They’re now the largest TEDx in the southern hemisphere, and one of the largest in the world. Building on our successful relationship, we were again tasked with creating an opening animation for the anniversary event with 2019's theme of "Legacy".

With this remit and TED’s belief in “the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world”, we wanted to inspire, but also touch on serious issues, celebrating past achievements and simultaneously cautioning future restraint.

How do we create an opener that is suitably epic? How can we use this opportunity as a catalyst for thought and opportunity for action?

Noah’s allegorical legacy was the preservation of the earth’s wildlife, otherwise lost to the flood. Mirroring this, the Svalbard vault protects the world’s gene banks by housing up to 2.5 billion seeds in its depths. We store the knowledge of humankind in libraries, we conserve our art in museums and galleries. We hoard the genes of plants and seeds, and record and reproduce every aspect of our world digitally.

But these pursuits leave an imprint, and progress has the potential for unintended consequences. As our environment turns against us and the need to safeguard humanity grows, the dual nature of our legacy is highlighted. We have gained, but we have also lost, and may still lose more.

It is this contrast we wished to explore: a celebration of what we have, and a reminder of its fragility.