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Across The Bridge—Exhibition Catalog

An Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary Artists
Hong Kong art is rooted in Chinese culture and the British colonial experience. The search for a communal identity in art is an evolving process that necessitates reconsiderations of the self and the society we live in. Hong Kong is indisputably one of the most densely populated cities on Earth—it is a place where contradictions and chaos almost defines its beauty. Deeply rooted in the rich local heritage, this exhibition catalog showcases 6 contemporary artists in Hong Kong who displayed their individuality and concerns for local and national cultural, social and political issues in their works. To further showcase the work, an exhibition space, posters, collateral, and merchandise were developed to highlight this event for Hong Kong’s contemporary artists.​​​​​​​

Instructor: Stephen Serrato. 
Printing & Binding: Jingren's Paperlogue in Beijing, China.

Hong Kong is the most vertical city in the world and it inspired me to design page numbers and table of contents looks like elevator levels, also the shape of my brochure which will display later. The divider page typography treatment indicates how local people feel trapped and their mixed identity. Color palette was inspired by a few famous Hong Kong subway stations with signature British green and Chinese red.
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This is a school project created at Art Center College of Design 
Credits to all images and articles used in the book.

Across The Bridge—Exhibition Catalog

Across The Bridge—Exhibition Catalog