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    A collection of behind the scene videos to give a little insight into our soundworld here at Radium ...
A collection of videos of us at work ...
To create a sonic DNA born of the gregarious, engaging dinosaurs we see in the draft visuals for upcoming game “Dinobash”, we enlist the musical craftsmanship of sometime collaborator Tim Manning to build us our own version of the Hans Riechel designed Daxophone.  Here is what happens …. 
We need to create a highly accessible music and sound world with a quirky yet very warm, organic and resonant feel.  So we decide to construct our own version of a PVC instrument as popularised by the Blue Man Group some time ago.  Here is what happens in the lab …. 
A little electronic edge from our analogue synthcave, here is what happens in studio …. 
The digital era brings us some brilliant tools, but sometimes there’s just no substitute for the depth and texture of sound we get from actually playing it live in studio …. 
Sometimes it’s good to explore new instrumental territory. We experiment with the sounds of the hammered dulcimer for our PauseFest titles sequence  … 
Worlds of sound are all around us, all the time, in everyday objects.  We just have to listen … 
It’s not always purely sound to picture.  Designing and building with sound electronics helps bring narratives into the physical, 3 dimensional world …. 
Sometimes it just HAS to be 100% pure authentic sound recorded in a live environment …. 
Storytelling takes many different forms, and we believe every form of narrative has a sonic soul.  Scoring music and designing sound is all about unearthing and expressing that soul to open a magical door into the world where the story lives, drawing us all inside so we connect with the very heart of the experience.