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    Solo exhibition at Metamorfosis Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

Dimitris Polychroniadis - George Tsolis, "REPENT", 2013

Exhibition at Metamorfosis Gallery from April 12 to May 11, Thessaloniki, Greece.
Can the deconstructive forces of a crisis, trigger motivation for self awareness, both individually and collectively? In this exhibition, humor, romance and dark hyper-realism are the tools to explore the sense of Repentance. Dimitris Polychroniadis reveals a series of mixed media, diorama sculptures. A colorful miniature world that acts as the setting for the unraveling of (somewhat unsettling) human stories. The cultures of the lowest common denominator, advertisement and slogan-art are presented in conjunction with social and political utopias of the early 20th century. Photography by Michael Dalanikas.