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ALIEN- OFFICIAL 40th Anniversary PRINT-Vector
“The perfect organism.
Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.”

Very honored to share with you my recent team up with SIDESHOW ARTPRINTS and Twentieth Century Fox to bring to you this Official Limited Edition Print commemorating the 40th Anniversary of ALIEN!

Created 100% using Adobe Illustrator on my ZbyHP ZBook X2 and DreamColor display.

And though print size is Height: 34" (863.6 mm) | Width: 14" (355.6 mm) | * and over 91Thousand anchors points, my Zbook handled it like a real beast! 
What I love most about my ZbyHP set up?
• The wacom stylus with over 4000 pressure sensitive touch points.

• The 31" DreamColor display - (originally created and engineered for the folks over at Dreamworks movie studio with a billion colors).

BUT what REALLY is a benefit to the way I play is that the Zbook X2 allows me to go from Heavy duty workstation. Transforming the Laptop to a dual - side-by-side creative setup- thanks to its bluetooth keyboard BUT also...
Go full drawing tablet mode, just incase I need to get mobile and switch the vibe!
Having the proper set up to help you explore your creative voice and deliver your best is very important. And this Official Alien Commemorative Print was not an easy one, especially with having to change the original poses and idea while sketching and then refining it all in Adobe Illustrator.
Below: Change requests from your collaborating team / client will always happen.
Here's a look at the original Ripley pose that was once part of this composition.
Below: an look at the original color palette  and sketching of portraits in adobe Illustrator.
Below: a more in depth look at the actual vector file.
Above: the "Preview mode " revealing all the vector strokes and shapes.
Below: the "Select ALL" revealing all the 91,435 Anchor Points.
Sideshow presents the Alien 40th Anniversary Fine Art Print by Orlando Arocena.
Celebrate four decades of fear with this stunning montage illustration dedicated to 1979’s Alien. In the center of the image, Ellen Ripley’s stoic portrait looks out into the starry vastness of space, surrounded by the faces of her ill-fated USCSS Nostromo crew. Suited figures below approach a cluster of Alien eggs while the glistening and sinister jaws of the Xenomorph loom threateningly above its unsuspecting prey.
Each Alien 40th Anniversary Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated pencil signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the limited edition of 150 pieces.
Priority one- bring back the life form and add the Alien 40th Anniversary Fine Art Print to your collection today!
Print details:
Officially licensed by Twentieth Century Fox
Limited edition of 150
14 x 34" fine art giclée print
100% cotton, acid-free, matte Museo Rag 300GSM
Epson archival links
An authorized, automated penciled signature
Embossed seal of authenticity

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ALIEN- OFFICIAL 40th Anniversary PRINT-Vector

ALIEN- OFFICIAL 40th Anniversary PRINT-Vector

Alien- 40th Anniversary Commemorative Limited Edition Print, Commissioned by SIDESHOW Collectibles and 20th Century Fox. Created 100% using Adobe Read More