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    Melt of traditional film photography with digital touch.
Dormint amb fantasmes
Sleeping with ghosts
I love photography's history and the first half century was absolutely amazing, full of mistakes and experiments and hunger for the technique. I'm working with some old classic techniques but also some concepts like pictorialism, the idea of the camera as an anthropological and documental tool and a fixer of memory and time.
Ok, some photographs on B&W film, drowned in salt water for 24 hours before development. After that the negatives have been scanned (not with a professional scanner but with the old cheap scanner of my home (the cheaper of them being loyal to the truth) because I'm interested in the loss of quality, the veils, the shadows, the textures.

In this work I'm focusing more in the mood the image transmits than the technical quality of it. Negatives inverted and toned in PS CS4

Model are my bro JJ, my mom, my bro Yuluts, my bro Jef and Iván.
For more please visit my personal blog, my bachelor's degree blog or my portfolio.