In the late fifties, in the world-famous Roller Derby Hall of Fame, the daily routine of an unassuming cleaning lady will unexpectedly go freewheeling, kicking-off her whole new life.
Fully releases on the 22th July 2013 !!

The whole project was directed by a team of six students,during our thesis year, as our graduation movie at Supinfocom Arles. The film is yet to be released on the internet ( June 2013), but in the meantime you can enjoy a trailer, stills and some development art.
FREE WHEEL project was originally triggered by the will to deal with entertaining imaging, retro atmosphere and design, and the more or less know sport : Roller Derby!
Feel free to contact us and we'd love to hear from you!

~ Year of Production: 2012
~ Directed by: Florian PICHON, Héloise PAPILLON, Lucas MORANDI, Julien PEREZ, Maxime MEGE-YTHIER, & Jean-Baptiste TRULLU .
~ Music: Maxime DELONGVERT.
~ Production: Supinfocom
~ Distribution: Autour de Minuit.
~ Softwares: 3DSmax ( FumeFX, Rayfire, Vray), Photoshop, After FX, Z-Brush.
~ Runtime: 6min30