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Crowdholding platform UI, brand & design system

Crowdholding is a crowdsourcing platform specialised in crypto businesses. The challenge was to shape the UI so Crowdholding users were able to post tasks, discuss the tasks, vote for best answers, be rewarded and benefit from other features, like change of status when a task expires. The platform was designed to be used on both desktop and mobile.
Through the process we were following design system founded in Figma. 

Crowdholding blog - showcase of mobile UI
Colour usage

Buttons & tags

Project and task cards

Inside of a task


Logo changes

Part of the project was bringing in some changes to the logo. Crowdholding was already invested marketing-wise to the old version, so the idea was to make the logos interchangeable. My main input was positioning the letters in the centre of the icon higher, so the logo doesn't feel "heavy". I also redefined the curves based on circles. 
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Crowdholding platform UI, brand & design system

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Crowdholding platform UI, brand & design system

User interface, design system and branding of a discussion collaboration platform.