This campaign was shot for Capgemini, a company that offers consulting, technology services and digital transformation. To emphasise these qualities we created an image that shows the close relationship we have with technology and that it really goes "hand in hand' with one another.

We created this image in a close collaboration with Taylor James, a CGI/ Post Production company. The technological arm was fully created in CGI. By using a 360 camera and bracketed shots they were able to recreate the same lighting setup for the arm as we had in the actual shoot. 

Below you can find several sketches and drafts of the campaign. 

Client: Capgemini/ Capgemini Nederland
Agency: Publicis Amsterdam
Creatives: Steef Nijhof/ Sander Bergmeijer
CGI/ Photo Post Production: Taylor James
Taylor James: Glen Taylor/ Brendan Haley/ Zsuszanna Vörö-Haynes
Producer: Lisette Kooijman
Photo Assist: Jaap Kwaak