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Last Life I Must Have Been Born Indian
'Last Life I Must Have Been Born Indian'

A travel documented book that aims to portray and celebrate the values of intangible cultural heritage of people, communities cultural diversities and crafts through reading experience by introducing readers on a journey to India, alongside with the author, through her written words and photographs. 

With this in mind, the visuals in this book are designed to have rhythmic placement of texts and photographs associating with each other, as well as adding separated printed materials along the way to enhance the
offscreen interactive experience of the book. 

'The Process'

The main idea while designing it was to build as many offscreen experiences as much as possible
and include them alongside the written story and photographs to create a full-package reading experience,
not just a reading-only book. Replicas of actual train tickets, as well as postcard and a guidebook,
can be found as the pages turn.

The cover artwork was printed on tyvek fabric, in which the fibre on the edges will keep falling off, 
resulting in a messy visual but very crafty and Indian. Then the fabric was mounted on greyboard, which 
make the book lighter than normal, providing comfortability to the readers while flipping through pages.

'The Team'

Publisher → Summermala Publishing, BKK
Author / photographer → Pattrica Lipatapanlop
Illustrator  → Wittamon Niwattichai
Designer  → Vipaluk Siriplanond
Printer      → Inchya co., ltd.

Book Information
Size → 17x23 cm
Weight  840 grams
Page → 320 pages

Tyvek fabric, mounted on greyboard (cover)
Eco Fibre paper (Inner pages)
Printed materials within the book
illustrated sticker sheet
gandhi postcard
indian mini survival guide
indian trip planning guideline
 replica of author's collected train ticket ↑
 break chapter with smaller size pages ↑
illustration by Wittamon N. ↑
locations from the story, indicated in every page ↑
Documented Process

background testing for sicker sheet ↑
miniature-sized book mockup  ↑
actual-sized book mockup with hand-sewn binding ↑
samples of mockup editions ↑
Last Life I Must Have Been Born Indian

Last Life I Must Have Been Born Indian

a travel book by pattrica lipatapanlop, a thai author who fell for the profound charms of india and indian crafts. this publication tries to ca Read More