Ugly Duckling is one of the three films created for Vauxhall in collaboration with two other studios around the world, a project by McCann Woldgroup and MRM Madrid.
‘Backwards Stories’, tells famous fairy tales in reverse across a series of three 50-second films to highlight the benefits of the Astra’s reverse parking camera. Each film sees its eponymous character start with the traditional happy ending, then work their way back to humble beginnings.


Production Company: Mach
Agency: Mrm//McCann & McCann Birmingham
Directors: Victor Llorente & Rafael Merino
Art Director: Pablo Camarero & Rafael Merino
Technical Director: Victor Llorente
VFX Director: Álvaro Rebollo
Modelling & Look Dev: Beatriz  Orellana
Rigger: José Antonio Martín Martín
Animator: Christian Dan
Postproduction & Color grading: Óliver Martel
Making OF:  Doctor Keyframe
Cinderella: Lobo
Jack & The Beanstalk: Coffee&TV

The Ugly Duckling for Vauxhall