Tartan Zone Media is a company specialising in music and event photography and media production from Scotland. We worked with Tartan Zone Media on creation of their brand and identity. The brief was to create something elegant but simple, modern and strong. We drew our inspiration from the technical elements of film-making. The colour palette is black and white, so as not to distract from the film and picture content they create for their clients.

The design comes to life across merchandise such as business card, printed promotional materials and templates. We also organised a photoshoot and created a suite of brand photography.

Geometrical lines and shapes represent parts of the moving imagery. The circles give a similar feel to a camera lense, and the diagonal white lines were inspired by film clapperboards.

design: hugmun.studio and ground
photos: Kuba szopka
print house: Dot studio
paper: Senses paper
animations: Witek Pietrucha
type foundry: modification of Krayewski / Laïc Type Foundry
Tartan Zone Media