Asian Elements: Graphic Design in the East

Asian Elements: Graphic Design in the East

The book contains hundreds of creative graphic designs and introduces readers to a wide variety of professional Asian designers and studios. Also included are a number of non-Asian designers who are working to shape and develop this aesthetic. More than 100 fabulous works are gathered from China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, and elsewhere in the world. The book serves as a rich guidebook to those who interested in Asian culture and want to explore its various elements.​​​​​​​
Size: 210 mm × 285 mm
Page Count: 240 pages
Hardcover, English

ISBN: 9789887852810 (Chinese markets)  Click the ISBN to purchase
ISBN: 9789887852810 (Overseas markets)  Click the ISBN to purchase

Publisher: Sandu Publishing Co., Ltd. 
Chief Editor: Wang Shaoqiang 
Executive Editor: Zhang Zhonghui
Copy Editor: Jason Buchholz 
Design Director: Wang Shaoqiang 
Designer: Huang Zhiyi
Cover Design: Pan Yuhua, Huang Zhiyi
Front cover projects by YOULIYOUJIE™, Ta Quang Huy, TICK.DESIGN,
Sun Shine, Shawn Goh Graphic Design Lab., TOMSHI AND ASSOCIATES
Back cover projects by Asthetíque Group, 1983ASIA,

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Asian Elements: Graphic Design in the East