Clouds and Sand: The Art of Daydreams & Nightdreams
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    A series of slideshows that details the process I used to create the artwork for my children's book, "Daydreams & Nightdreams."
The initial approach was to create a bright and colorful book.  However, it was ultimately decided this approach didn't match the tone of the manuscript.  Moreover, it was a long while before a happy medium was reached between a "cartoonish" style and a gritty surreality.
Below are two slideshows detailing the progress of a single illustration.  Each of these helped define the overall style of the book.
After settling on a sepia tone art style, it became clear I'd have to create all illustrations using equal parts traditional and digital media.  In nearly every case, a finished illustration was drawn not as a single image, but instead drawn in seperate pieces to be later composited digitally.
The goal of the 'Dream Tree of Night' illustration (below) was to create a compositional mirror image of the 'Dream Tree of Day' (above), editing only a few details of the illustration.  To achieve this, I stripped out the defining features of the 'Dream Tree of Day', flipped the composition horizontally, and drew directly on top of a print out of that "gutted" image.
There were other times I combined traditional and digital media to create effects that would otherwise be difficult to create entirely on their own.  For example, there were a few cases when I had to draw glowing white objects.  To keep the texture of the image consistent, I would draw the "negative" of the image in black pencil and then invert the colors digitally.  See the wings of the angel in the two slideshows below.
A few more slideshows of composited images below:
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