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    Print campaign for range of outdoor clothing.
Viral competition:
As our campaign is based upon the reward and entertainment created by juxtaposing realistic and extreme outdoor scenarios, it made perfect sense to extend this notion through the use of humorous viral videos.
Initial viral videos will be created to spark interest. (I.e. A man is making a video diary entry in his tent. He talks about the extreme conditions. A phone is heard ringing in the background. The man exits his tent, revealing that he is actually in his own back yard, or a mall.)
Consumers are then invited to film, create and submit viral videos depicting their own “Non-Adventurous Adventures” – showing them in a spot which appears to be extreme, but in reality is quite the opposite. 
These submissions will then be featured on First Ascent’s YouTube channel, their website, and social media profiles. Other users can then vote for their favourite video. The winner of this competition receives a unique opportunity to embark upon a real extreme outdoor adventure.