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My maps showcase (2017-2018)

My maps showcase (2017-2018)
Selected projects for 2017-2018 (pdf). More in my Instagram
(Under the images, links to full projects)

Cover. Part of Cherkasy printed map
The most used tools by me
Somewhere at dawn in the Swiss Alps.
Part of the Bernese Alps, part of the Grimsel Pass.
A mountain range of the Alps, located in Switzerland.
Scale: 500,000
Source: Sentinel-2A, SRTM

(富士山 Fujisan) located on Honshu Island, is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776.24 m.
Data: Sentinel 2A, SRTM

The Balkans are the birthplace of many cultures and peoples.
The Balkans, or the Balkan Peninsula, is a geographic area in Eastern and Southeastern Europe.
Data: GMTED2010

Medobory Hills.
Medobory-Toltry (Tovtry) ridge.
This is the only mountain ridge in the world that appeared not due to tectonic processes but formed by living organisms - an ancient barrier reef formed by the sea in the Miocene period.
Source: SRTM + OpenStreetMap

Combined digital terrain model.
Scale: 1:9 000 000
Data: GMTED2010

Terebovlya on the Galicia Podillya, administrative center of the Terebovlya district in the Ternopil region.
Digital Abstract model
Source: SRTM, OpenStreetMap

Experiments with a three-dimensional relief.
Source: SRTM
Software: Blender + QGIS

Data: SRTM
Software: Blender
Sri Lanka
Source: SRTM + OpenStreetMap
Software: QGIS, Blender, Inkscape

Uman (Human), Cherkasy region. Central Ukraine.
Unique Combined Visualization Technique — combined landsat 8 raster data (12, 8, 4) + (8, 11, 4) bands.
Scale 1: 160,000
Data: Landsat 8

My new cartographic style for common maps (web or print).
Scale: 1:270 000
Region: The Council of the Shire of Hornsby, Sydney
Software: QGIS+ GDAL
Data: Sentinel-2A + OpenStreetMap

The capital of Latvia.
This map is a complicated, combined raster image from the satellite Santinel-2A
Created by combining channels 4, 3, 2 and 8, 4, 3 - invert natural color and infrared.
Data: Sentinel 2A
Uzhhorod. Abstracts Edition.
Scale: 1:75 000
Unique Combined Visualization Technique
Source: Sentinel-2A, SRTM, OpenStreetMap

Kharkiv autumn. Dark Edition.
Source: Landsat + OpenStreetMap
Scale 1: 300,000
October, 2017
Featured images on Week 44 (from Monday 30 October 2017 to Sunday 5 November 2017) in Wiki.OpenStreetMap.org
Brasília was planned and developed by Lúcio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer in 1956 to move the capital from Rio de Janeiro to a more central location. The landscape architect was Roberto Burle Marx. The city's design divides it into numbered blocks as well as sectors for specified activities, such as the Hotel Sector, the Banking Sector and the Embassy Sector. Brasília was chosen as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its modernist architecture and uniquely artistic urban planning. (Wikipedia)
Scale: 1:120 000
Source: Landsat + OpenStreetMap

Cairo. Egypt. Dark Edition.
It is always worth rethinking the acquired knowledge before.
Not clearly imagined the location of pyramids in Giza because it usually appears on the plan of only popular pyramids. Ancient history of architecture is taught in the first year of the university, is forgotten.
It turned out that the pyramids were located along the edge, groups, over the valley along the coast. This is only part of the pyramids that are found in Egypt.
Data: Sentinel + OpenStreetMap

Palm Canyon. Kofa National Wildlife Refuge
Scale: 1:300,000
Source: Landsat 8.

White point — research stations in Antarctica.
Software: QGIS + GDAL
Data: Bedmap2 datasets and associated grids (5th March 2013), Natural Earth Data V4 (graticules), Wikipedia (station locations).

I participated in a great video as a GIS specialist. During the 2 months of the spring I shook photos from the satellites and processed them specifically for this movie. Vadim Sapatrylo shot his excellent time lapse videos about the river Dnipro. His great merit in that!

Estonia (Eesti) is a country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe.
Data: Natural Earth Data

Calexico and Mexicali.
USA-Mexico border. California.
Scale: 250,000
Source: Sentinel-2A, OpenStreetMap

Color names Ukraine (big files)
In Ukraine, many "color names" - hamlets, villages, towns, forests, rivers, ponds, ravines, peaks, streets and other facilities.
I decided to test it - results of check on thematic maps.
In work used QGIS, OpenStreetMap data, GDAL

Color names Ukraine (big files)
In Ukraine, many "color names" - hamlets, villages, towns, forests, rivers, ponds, ravines, peaks, streets and other facilities.
I decided to test it - results of check on thematic maps.
In work used QGIS, OpenStreetMap data, GDAL

The density of castles in central Europe.
The tag "historic=castle" is used in OpenStreetMap for various kinds of castles, palaces, fortresses, manors, stately homes, kremlins, shiros and other.
Sourse: NaturalEarthData and OpenStreetMap
This is data from Strava Metro data services, including Streets (Edges), Origin / Destination, Intersections (Nodes) examples of Toronto data and decided to try them in a few ways to visualize.
On the first step I created a heat map of places popular with users.
Scale: 1:350 000
Source: OpenStreetMap + Strava

What is your city number?
Cities of Administrative divisions of Ukraine. Sorted by area.
Ukraine is divided into several levels of territorial entities. On the first level there are 27 regions: 24 oblasts, one autonomous republic, and two "cities with special status".
This scheme presents a comparative analysis of cities by their area.
In the West - a small area of the city, in the East - large.
The largest city is Kyiv.
Scale: 1:2 500 000
Software: QGIS + Inkscape
Data: OpenStreetMap

Isochrone map
Data: OpenStreetMap
Software: QGIS + OpenRouteService + Python

Walking Isochrone map (for the competition)
Data: OpenStreetMap

As part of a Maparnya team (together with Petro Nek and Alexander Kubov) have been developed a project to Comparing Ukraine City Street Orientations in Ukraine.
The text of the research and other images are available on the Medium (in Ukrainian only)
Data: OpenStreetMap

Comparing City Street Orientations by Lviv region
Data: OpenStreetMap
This project is a test task.
Used in the design of dark colors are not typical for this kind of projects.
Data: OpenStreetmap

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My maps showcase (2017-2018)


My maps showcase (2017-2018)

My maps showcase (2017-2018) - selected raster, vector, 3D map projects