Client Name and or Project: 
No to violence against women - United Nations European ad competition 
Design Problem: 
The purpose is to create a print advertisement for UNRIC’s “No to Violence Against Women” competition. The advertisement will be used as a public service announcement to be published in major European print media and other outlets. It should aim to raise awareness about VAW and mobilize citizens to end all forms of VAW. 
Design Solution: 
The goal was to create a strong message and helpful facts to instill awareness and give readers the information (or courage) to stand up and make a difference. The look chosen is a rough grungy look in order to visually reinforce the sometimes-literal torture that some women endure, and a strong message is used to instill confidence and feminine power. The narrative-like text is used to tell a story of continual severe abuse with the end result being a strong, knowledgeable, and powerful woman, namely powerful enough to overcome the travesty of abuse and find happiness in a “brighter tomorrow”. The tagline text includes a fact from the competition website, and a call to action with a website associated with the campaign and women’s activism. 
The concept was also refined into a more "serial" format, which would allow for a variety of situatuional designs and different types of posters that could be put up. 
Some of the typography was also redesigned, with hand-written text over the images.