Lua, the sweetest smart planter
Your plant has its needs but it can’t communicate them to you.

Lua turns your favorite plant into a spirited virtual pet! It's the perfect addition to your inner garden houseplants: its lively personality makes it the ideal plant companion.
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Lua saves your greenery and makes you skip the hassle of an intricate setup: the free mobile app only requires an internet connection once for the download, and is then operational, even offline! Using Lua’s app is literally as simple as scanning a QR code!

Lua displays 15 different real-time animations:
6 animations are directly related to your plant’s health and overall well-being, while the 9 others give Lua and your plant, a spark of life.

6 essential animations:

- Thirsty: When soil moisture drops under the defined threshold, you need to water your plant.
Sick: Too much water can kill your plant too, wait until Lua is thirsty to add water.
Vampire: After a few days Lua will turn into a vampire if exposure to light is not sufficient.
- Squint: Too much exposure to light can harm your plant, when Lua is squinting it’s looking for shade.
- Cold: When the temperature drops. Lua will sneeze the day after.
- Hot: Lua is too hot.

Other animations:

- Happy: Lua is back to normal.
- Puzzled: Lua couldn’t read your QR code.
- Wink: You showed a QR code to Lua and it understood it.
- Tired: Lua will go back to sleep when there’s no movement in front of it.
- Wake-up: When Lua senses a movement.
- Grumpy: Random animation. If stretch goal #2 is reached, Lua will look grumpy when there’s a good chance of rain.
- Tongue sticking out: Random animation.

Motion tracking feature:
Lua detects a movement and follows it with the eyes. If nothing happens, Lua will go back to sleep.
The app has been entirely designed around simplicity and ease-of-use:

1. Download Lua app & let the easy setup install it in less than no time.
2. Choose your plant’s family, the exact type of plant or manually set your own preferred thresholds. 
3. Make Lua read the generated QR code and it’s all set!
The app lets you browse your plant’s category and type, then generates a QR code holding info specific to your plant. 
Lua reads the QR code generated on your device’s screen and sets the parameters.
The app allows you to change Lua’s facial proportions and automatically adapts the animations accordingly.
The motion sensor allows Lua’s eyes to follow the movement in front of them: it’s like Lua’s looking at you!
- The planter comes with a saucer, perfect for preventing any spillages from plant drainage

- Lua uses 4 sensors to assist you in monitoring your plant’s well-being: soil moisture sensor, light sensor, motion sensor and temperature sensor.
Available now on Indiegogo: 
Lua, the sweetest smart planter

Lua, the sweetest smart planter

Lua is designed to turn your plant into a pet. Using sensors, the smart planter triggers 15 different universal animated emotions. It measures s Read More

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