Playstation Classic: Big Bang
Playstation Classic: Big Bang
Buck Design
To create this anthemic launch film for the new Playstation Classic, we hopped in a time machine with our friends over at BBH and set the dial to 1994. The goal: recreate an authentic Playstation 1 world in all its low-fi glory... but updated for 2018. And with more dino scissor taketowns.

We had a blast unlearning all the fancy 3D tricks we've picked up over the ensuing 24 years (plus adding a few new ones to the toolkit) to see just how much nostalgia we could fit inside 32-bits.  – Description via Buck
My main focus on this project was the design and animation of the early gaming evolution scene. The initial explosion of pixels represents the early days of gaming where images were rendered using large pixels with a select number of colors. This pixel art evolved over the years as technology advanced producing more advanced color palettes and complex animations.
The Big Bang
The Bigger Fish
Fish Loop
2.5D Pterodactyl
Up in Flames

Directed by: BUCK
Executive Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Creative Director: Daniel Oeffinger
Head of Production: Kitty Dillard
Production Coordinator: Jenny Morris
Storyboards: Tucker Klein
Design: Rasmus Bak, Colin Bigelow, Jaedoo Lee, Ross McCampbell, Daniel Oeffinger, Morgan Schweitzer
Modeling: Ryan Kittleson, Filipe Machado, Ylli Orana, Dave Soto, Arvid Volz
Texturing: Gabriela Borregales, Filipe Machado, Arvid Volz
Rigging: Ramiro Gomez, Arvid Volz
2D Animation: Tucker Klein, Jaedoo Lee, Ross McCampbell, Daniel Oeffinger
Previs: Bill Dorais, John Karian
CG Supervisor: Arvid Volz
3D Animation: Chad Colby, John Karian, Kevin Nguyen, Arvid Volz
Look Development: Ylli Orana
Lighting: Ylli Orana, Mike Papagni
Composite: Jeff Billon, Jack Maschka, Daniel Oeffinger, Ylli Orana
Sound Design, Music Edit & Final Mix: Antfood
Playstation Classic: Big Bang

Playstation Classic: Big Bang

Buck Design's promotional ad for the Playstation Classic, chronicling the evolution of gaming leading up to the Playstation 1.


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