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    A commercial film project for Johnnie Walker as a pre-launch activity to the KEEP WALKING FUND campaign.
Johnnie Walker® - Phoenix Dream
Creative Director

This was a Commercial Film project as part of a pre-launch activity to launch the KEEP WALKING FUND.  A user generated contest where people submit their dreams and garner points for supporters.  A voting system through the microsite narrows down the pool to five finalists that each are given $100,000 towards their dream.  The video was seeded online and at the cinema due to heavy whisky regulation in Korea.

Based on a true story, this tells how an Olympic boxer hopeful fell from grace and ultimately towards taking his own life.  Instead he managed to rise above it and was reborn with a new dream and a new hope.
English version narration
Korean narration with actual voice by Mr. (Phoenix) Park.
Making of video and behind the scenes footage.

Project:  Johnnie Walker “Phoenix Dream”
Client:  Diageo Korea
Creative Agency:  Profero Korea
Managing Director:  Peter Moody
Creative Director:  Brian Jung
Art Director:  Anette Kim
Story & Scenario:  Warren Frost & David Newbold
Producer:  Angela Kim
Production Company:  Remedia
Director:  Woo Sung Park
Asst. Directors:  Woo Suk Shin, Jin Hyuk Lee
Photography:  Jun Cho
DOP:  Min Kim
Lighting:  Kyung Moon Hwa