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    App design for New York's transport network.
As part of a fictitious rebrand of New York's MTA, I propose a multi-purpose app for mobile, iPad and desktop.
There are currently a vast number of apps available for MTA's transport system, each as aesthetically confusing as the last.
This is my attempt to create a structure that simplifies the New York transport network. By combining rail, bus, ferry and road into one place, along with the MetroCard top up function, it creates a handy tool for everyday commuters and the city's tourists.
See below the progress so far. More pages are being developed.
App is intended to simplify the New York transport experience 
Start up page
Simple menus, will also incorporate maps and additional features
Simple interface to update the new MetroCard - now incorporating all MTA services on a plastic card instead of paper, much like London's Oyster card. This allows the user to add credit for uses on all services: bus, ferry, train, subway, bridge and tunnels online or while on the go.
Simple route planner, gives the option of a preferred route
Simple drop down menus
Quickly and effectively find timetables for all transport, find out when exactly the most convenient service for you is
Pop up menu features simple functions to return to home screen and previous page, as well as a live update feed
'Nearby' feature highlights worthwhile visits surrounding each subway station - beneficial to both experienced and inexperienced transport users, as well as tourists
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