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A selection of isometric editorial illustrations

Various isometric editorial illustrations

​​​​​​​Below is a selection of some of my favourite editorial illustrations I made recently for a variety of magazines. Besides the illustrations I've also added the illustrator outlines for each one, to give a bit more insight in the 'construction' of the illustrations. Rather than drawing in the traditional sense, I mostly use the 3D functions (Extrude and Revolve) in Adobe Illustrator to 'build' the objects in each scene.

How ‘clean’ is lab-grown meat?

I was commissioned by to create an illustration about how lab-grown meat currently still relies on foetal blood. The foetus gets killed during the process so lab-grown meat is not as ‘clean’ as companies working on it claim.
The Atlantic

How the VA is Using AI to Target Cancer​​​​​​​

I was commissioned by The Atlantic to create an illustration about IBM’s Watson is helping doctors deliver cutting-edge cancer care to veterans, by looking at the DNA of the patient. The military objects in this illustration are meant as a metaphor for the pinpoint accuracy of this new method.
The Bay Street Bull

The Future of Cities

An illustration for an article about the positive impact of new technologies (such as automation) on cities but also notes that people from rural areas profit less from the technological progress, causing a gap between the countryside and the cities.
Studio Duel

Closer to Walhalla

This illustration was made for an article in a booklet about the future of The Hague, one of the main cities in The Netherlands. The subject of this article was about if The Hague could be the new Silicon Valley in The Netherlands and how this could be achieved
The Sunday Times

Smart Energy Meters (1)

One of the four illustrations made for an article about Smart Energy Meters. The client asked for illustrations with a friendly, comfortable and safe feeling to explain the pros of having a smart energy meter in your home. 
The Sunday Times

Smart Energy Meters (2)

A piece to illustrate that Smart Energy meters can save households a lot of money.
A selection of isometric editorial illustrations

A selection of isometric editorial illustrations

various isometric editorial illustrations made for magazines over the past years.