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    Animal Farm & 1984 Book Cover Designs

Animal Farm:
The illustration shows a farmhouse and birds flying across a field in the distance. At first glance, all appears quiet and serene. We are looking at the farm from a distance. We are not allowed to enter. This farm belongs to animals now. Upon closer inspection, the farmhouse morphs into a pig’s snout—the birds into it’s eyes and ears. The pigs have already exerted their influence on the farm. There is no longer any sign of life. The animals are no longer living. They are existing under the control of the pigs.
Nineteen Eighty-Four:
I wanted to represent the idea of Big Brother as an ever-present, oppressive force. The small figure (bottom left side) represents Winston Smith, the protagonist who works as a clerk in the Records Department of the Ministry of Truth. The space he occupies in this design represents a corridor within the Ministry but also illustrates how he is under the constraint and confinement of this larger figure/symbol (Big Brother). Although he is free to go where he pleases, he is under the constant watchful eye of Big Brother. He is not really a free man.