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How to make Sushi

~ How To Make Sushi ~

During the autumn of 2018, I designed a couple of frames based on the premise of a Sushi-chef. I grew really fond of them and a simple story kind of evolved from that. From just being a couple animation-tests, to a 2 minute short-film.

Always being inspired by Japanese animation, this turned into an emulation of many years of reading manga and watching anime. Also seeing how the amazing craftsmanship and graphic design was used in Isle of Dogs definitely influenced me a lot while making this. Mixing that with my own style of design animation, it finally took this shape.

To develop a fitting score and sound design for this quirky project, I worked closely with Luke Brown from The Soundery. 

Thanks to a lot of consultation and translation from Taishi Yagyu, we could hire the wonderfully talented VO-artist Yoshi Amao, who delivered a performence me and Luke couldn't have hoped for. Giving life to this character we had just seen the upper body of for about a year.​​​​​​​

~ Credits ~

Direction, Design and Animation:
Jonathan Lindgren

Score and Sound Design:
The Soundery
Yoshi Amao
Arm model and rig:
Chris Scofield
Thanks to:
Jenny Börjesson
Taishi Yagyu​​​​​​​
Luke Brown

How to make Sushi

How to make Sushi

Story of a man mastering his craft, only to realize what he's had to sacrifice in the process of it.