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    Series of experimental and conceptual photographs created to show a hidden identity, and almost show how people who wear hoodies are stereotyped … Read More
    Series of experimental and conceptual photographs created to show a hidden identity, and almost show how people who wear hoodies are stereotyped as being bad people. But who are they really? Read Less
For my identity based photoshoot, I decided to go on the idea and theme of a hidden identity and to create a series of experimental self portrait images as the concept of Experimental Photography I find very interesting to depict the theme.
The idea of the Manchester Riots also comes to mind as well and so makes us look at society and the supposed
"Lost Generation" that youths are branded as today, despite every generation being tagged as this!

I also used the idea of masking my face to look like a traditional bank robber and the use of a lighter for lighting as I think it looks further at a hidden identity in a modern way. The lighter I felt could create just enough lighting to not show too much of the face as this creates the questions and different interpretations from different audiences and yet at the same time create warmth and light in my imagery which is something I like to incorporate in my work.
The main concept for this photoshoot though is the idea of a hidden identity and the stereotypical view that the public have of people who wear hoodies are generally considered bad people. But who are they really?
The first image shown above I am really pleased with as this was one of the few images I had in my minds eye because of the composition but wasnt sure whether it could be created as all these images are all self portraits as I was interested by the idea of Self Portraiture and
Experimental Photography and the fact that the image was taken exactly right, by an unexperienced but yet willing family member, I found amazing and is one of my favourite photographs i've ever taken.

The cloaked portrait shot from behind was my other initial concept and I like the unerving feel that further emphasises the fact of who this person is really or who this person could be.
The skeleton like features on the portrait photo above make this shot more unusual because of the direction of light and the character "Bane" from Batman also comes to mind and so I feel make the image visually interesting.
The image below as well almost looks to me like a mannequins head and so disguises the appearance of someone, the aspect of it being quite small on the black background makes you study the portrait which I am pleased about as I didnt want the viewer to divert elsewhere when creating the portrait shots.
Another idea that sprung to mind was to use the light to show sections of the face rather than all of it, but knew that this would be difficult for me to position whilst the shot was being taken and the fact I achieved this the way I visualised, I am very happy with this shot shown below.
Clarity in photographs was another area I wanted to cover as this would be a more photographic representation rather than a fine art/conceptual approach. The fact of the face above being the only thing visible I find intriguing and shows my idea of just the face in the portrait and nothing else.
Image below was a study of the light trails from the light source and the repeat lines from the torch I think are what create this more eye catching photo, to which I was very surprised when looking back at this and also with the image following and how the light trails have reflected onto my eyes.
Putting Out The Light.
A HIdden Identity.