Beriot™ Typeface

Beriot™ is a sans serif whose basics are condensed in Regular (Normal) weight, getting a lot of form inspiration from the topic also known as Steile Futura which is a letterform that Paul Renner himself explored in the mid-1950s, where shapes are constructed with little stress on modular squares but there are changes in certain parts so they become less modular.

The Beriot family is available in 42 weights with matching slanted cuts, divided into 3 subfamilies: Condensed, Normal and Expanded. Each has been designed for a range of text sizes each, and already variable, allowing you to choose and make your own type of weight you like.

OpenType Features are available in each of these font styles, including alternative characters, different numbers set and case-sensitive and there are additional symbols that make it the perfect choice for professional types of branding, digital design and editorial.

Designer : Boyan Nurdiansyah
Publisher : Boyanurd 

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Beriot™ Typeface