Eat Revolution
“Eat revolution” is an innovative campaign which will guide university students in victoria state to realizethe influences and outcomes of their food choice to them.
- It will launch in 8 universities in victoria state and it will last for one semester.
- This campaign is going to take a revolution mode to attract students to participate in as a
  revolutionist and take various activities and accomplish the goals to overthrow the  
  dominance to bad eating habit gradually. It will connect the real world activities with social  
  networking services to produce more fun to motivate students to be part of this Eat 
Why “Eat Revolution?”
we want to quickly attract the attention from university students.
Consider this group of people; they are independent, looking for excitements, influential and ambitious. The mode of participating in a revolution is more attractive than another conventional approaches. Moreover, our goal is want to change eating habit gradually and make students to change their health condition finally. The concept of revolution is set a goal to change some unsatisfied condition and gradually conquer it, which fit for our purpose.