Nokia Mobile || Social 2019

Nokia Mobile - Social Media​​​​​​​

How it began

Hot off the back of successful one-off projects we’d done in early 2018 with Nokia Mobile,
they approached us with a new proposition in July. They were looking to kick their social
media content up a gear, and they’d realised they were going to need an exclusive partner
to reach their goals.

We made it official in August, taking over the social accounts for three of their international
branches - Global, UK and France - creating high quality, engaging content that supports
Nokia Mobile’s brand strategy.

Developing the social media strategy

Working with the Nokia Mobile team, we developed a comprehensive social media content
toolkit, filtering the organisation’s core goals through core monthly deliverables based on
key product selling products.

With the social media landscape constantly evolving, we also created space in the scope
for reactive, of-the-moment content, allowing the team to develop real-time assets in
response to relevant trends on an ad hoc basis.​​​​​​​

The numbers

Nokia Mobile has been overwhelmingly positive about the relationship, and you can see
why. As of June 2019, the Nokia Mobile Facebook has grown to over five million followers,
and the Instagram account has swelled to 342k.

With a focus on Instagram growth, we’ve seen huge boosts across all accounts in 2019,
with 9% growth on the Global account, and a huge 274% and 420% on UK and France

Despite the overall slowing of Facebook as a platform, we’ve still managed to grow the
accounts adding 6.4% to Global and 0.08% to UK.

We also grew the Global Twitter account by 14%.

Nokia Mobile Social - Global

Nokia Mobile Social - UK

Putting together a tailor-made team

To best meet the client’s KPIs, we designed and hired a bespoke team of eight social
media specialists, configured in a hybrid in-house/agency model. On-site, each of the
three offices was allocated a dedicated social media manager to plan and oversee
content, manage online communities and channel feedback to the Nucco Brain hub.

In the London office, a dedicated creative team was created to craft content, including art
directors, copywriters, designers and animators. The account was overseen by a
dedicated account manager and producer.

Nokia Mobile Social - France

Building engagement through tech

Ask anyone in the social media game, and they’ll tell you engagement is the key metric for
success. And for good reason. It’s not easy to get it right.

It requires a creative team who don’t just produce interesting, shareable content in a
consistent and congruent tone of voice, but who are also constantly on the pulse of the
latest tech trends. Because that’s the sweet spot of social - when you can leverage
technology with compelling content across platforms.

A large part of our success has come from leaning on our in-house tech team to create
games and experiences that take social media from so-so to so spectacular.

Projects like Snake AR and Be the Gift have helped us add value to our social media
clients, increasing engagement and building platform presence

Looking for a boost for your brand’s social media? Get in touch with our experts today.


Art Director- Ceren Yuksek
Copywriter - Andy Thomas
Designer - Malena DeLuca , Steph Ramplin
Animators - Lucien Bishop, Nick Edmondson, Rob Scott 
Animators - Johnny Leal, El Bailey, Ted Williams
Producer - Giulia Demont
Account Manager - Gulay Ak Cakan

Nokia Mobile Social - How to - Insurance
Nokia Mobile Social - Snake VR
Nokia Mobile Social - Be The Gift
Nokia Mobile || Social 2019

Nokia Mobile || Social 2019