Organic Packaging for Organic Tea
St.Dalfour brand was used for educational purpose only
There’s 3 series of theSt.Dalfour tea products. 2 of them are the loose-leaves tea product, andanother one is a potbag tea product. I provided 3 different tea flavours :Chamomile Tea, Peppermint Tea, and Earl Grey Tea. I named the product as “GoodMorning Chamomile”, “Good Afternoon Peppermint”, and “Good NIght Earl Grey”. Whyso ?
Because, in here, i want tomaximize the function of the tea in each flavour. Basically, Chamomile tea isgood choice tea flavour which can help you avoid from cold and relax your mindand tenses. That’s why i suggested you to drink it in every morning. That’s whyi named it as “Good Morning Chamomile”, just simply to greet your morningeveryday with its warm and mind relaxation.
Same reasons are given toanother 2 tea flavours. The peppermint tea benefits you with high-performancebrain and body endurance. It will work effectively if you consumed it duringyour lunch break. That’s why i named it as “Good Afternoon Peppermint”. And thelast one, the earl grey tea flavour, i named it as “Good Night Earl Grey”because it can give you a comfort sleep and avoid you from insomnia, so it mustbe work effectively if consumed at night.
I colored them depend on theflavour’s title. The Good Morning one, i gave orang color to represent themorning sunshine. The Good Afternoon one, i used green to represent the dayspirit and also to represent the peppermint itself. The Good Night one, i useddark purple just simply to represent the dark color of the night itself.
The pattern in the insidepart of the box is the simplification of the tea leaves and also to representthat this product is a ‘green’ product.

Talks about the materials,for all the primary packaging, i used 100% natural materials. For those 2loose-leaves products, i used gunny to wrap the loose leaves tea safely andkeep them dry. For the potbags materials , i used natural cotton clothmaterials to wrap them up.
The secondary packaging, iused a simple box which easy to open. The box are made from recycled materials.Beside its enviromental friendly packaging, it’s also  multi-functional and reusable packaging. In the booklet, ihave explained how you can reuse them all. They can be used for flower vase /any small plantation pot in order to support the world’s green campaign (startto civilize the environment greening). Furthermore, it also can be used as yourhome potpourri materials, to give you a better air circulation. Just simply addyour favorite essential oil into the box and the gunny.
Not just the packaging, the tea waste alsoreusable. The tea waste can be used for plantation’s fertilizer, potpourrimaterials , and odor remover.
Chamomile Loose Leaves Tea Packaging (Opened Position)
Chamomile Loose Leaves Tea Packaging and The Gunny (inside)
Chamomile Loose Leaves Tea Packaging ( Front View )
Earl Grey Loose Leaves Tea Packaging (Closed Position)
Earl Grey Loose Leaves Tea Packaging (Opened Position)
Earl Grey Loose Leaves Tea Packaging and The Gunny (inside)
Peppermint Potbag Tea Packaging (Opened Position)
The Peppermint Potbags
Peppermint Potbags Tea Packaging