Calla : ash-free Incense warmer

Calla June,2019
Incense warmer
Product Dissection & Redesign Project

This incense warmer designed not make ash.

How to use

Insert the incense cone into the hole and hold the button on the side for 2-3 seconds to activate.
There is a hot plate inside that will heat your incense slowly.  


I found out that the e-cigarette was disassembled and that a part called the heating pin was removed from the problem of the burning of ash of tobacco.
The project began with the question, "Well, wouldn't it be possible to solve the problem if we applied the heating pin to the incense that has the same problem as the ash matter?"'

In fact, people who used the incense felt uncomfortable about the problem of being burned into the room and having to clean it up after use, and there was no product that could solve the problem clearly.


After repeated agonizing and experimenting, I decided to use a "hitting panel" with the same method but different shape, and found the optimum temperature.​​​​​​​

At this temperature, the incense cone only burns black, and there is no white ash, so there is no problem with it. Even if the heating is stopped in the middle of the heating process, it is easily turned off and can be used normally even if heated again.

While looking for a formative use of the incense cone, I came up with Calla. The shape of a single petal wrapped around a pointed pistil not only protects the user from hot parts, but also gives them fun by giving them a resemblance to the source of fragrance.

Mock-up  & Prototype

I found the most reasonable form and rate through several soft woodwork and verified its usability through 3D printed prototypes.

Calla - incense warmer
Designed by Soomin Kim

Thank you for watching!

Calla : ash-free Incense warmer

Calla : ash-free Incense warmer

incense warmer


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