Weave Magazine

what_ academic project
what else_ selected for one of the “Trennseiten” of the Magazine, issue January 2011
when_ 2010
where_ University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany
mentoring_ Danijela Djokic

Workshop at the University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam which assignment was to create a cover series for the january 2011 issue of the german web magazine “Weave”.
The subject was a self interpretation of the question "
Issue of January 2011 with the works of some students of the Fachhoschschule Potsdam
Double page about the workshop group of the Fachhoschschule Potsdam
Doube page inside the magazin with my work titled "how do I see the internet and how it does see me"

Process of the idea construction with the sites Gmail, Facebook, Der Spiegel and Amazon:
Originally each student made your own cover series and the magazine editors have chosen one project for the cover and 5 projects for double pages inside the issue.