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    An insight in the daily life in Northern Botswana
Cool colors come with the morning bliss
The Delta shines through its flowers...
"The journey goes on..."
    a rainy afternoon
On cool mornings or afternoon, the mighty hippos venture in the open.
A timeless and genuinely wild experience to witness.
"Wild Luxury"
a sunny morning
Blessed with the morning sightings, a colorful abundance awaits us in the shade. A splash of elegance and taste to celebrate nothing but a beautiful day....
"Right of way"
morning custom
As the winter approaches, large amounts of elephants pass through the Delta.
It leads to unpredictable "road blocks" but the currency is Respect.
Towering beauties of Africa, a touch  of style in the wilderness...
"His Kingdom"
Through the snaking roads, a sudden light came upon the vastness of the bush.
All was coming together, the paw prints, the territory, the time of the day....
The king was there, guarding his African kingdom.
"One impala"
Elegance roaming in the bush
"Turquoise Bandit"
Awaiting from its perch, the kingfisher patiently watches the movements in the water...
"Elegant discovery"
morning delight
The golden Khwai river shines its best colors
The scope awaits to show off the awakening African wildlife
The delicious hot coffee gives strength to the anticipation of the morning journey
"Arsene Lupin"
The silhouetted elegance on the branch was finally identified...
It was him ! It was Arsene....
Seconds later, the buffet had been "visited".... But Arsene was nowhere to be found....
"The hangover"
Bushbaby during the day
Walking on the moon
"Stage fright"
The wounded hyena walks through the grass. The vultures and the echoes of the bush are clear signs of a recent lion activity. The pride is back. This time the hyena remained lucky but still has an eye for revenge.
Lazy afternoon riding...
Enjoying the breeze.
Self employed Security Guard
It's his Island.
Delta sky
Wine tasting
Evening Wine
"Blazing wave"
Bush fire
7 hours of work through the night. Exhausted yet excited of the accomplishement of the team: the fire is officially down.